Who Can Take Classes?

Full-time and more than half-time employees are eligible for tuition remission for one class per semester. Spouses, partners and retirees are also eligible to participate in this program.

How Do I Sign Up For the Hamilton Horizons Program?

All participants in the Hamilton Horizons Program must fill out an application form and submit it to Human Resources before signing up for any course.  The form is available by clicking on Application for Admission on the Horizons home page or from Human Resources, ext. 4688.

How Do I Sign Up For Specific Classes?

Feel free to call Human Resources, ext. 4688 at any time during the semester to get any application materials you might need.  You will receive the next semester's course information just before the pre-registration period each semester. Non-matriculated students can register for classes only after all full time and/or matriculated students have been able to pre-register. Your Horizons Program application will be forwarded to the Associate Dean of Students (Academic) in the Dean of Students office. Each Horizons student must meet with the Associate Dean of Students (Academic) regarding course selection and registration. It doesn't matter whether or not you are pursuing a degree - it is our commitment to all students that they be given the best academic advice.

When you have decided on your course selection, you must also fill out a Request for Tuition Waiver (Employee or Spouse/Partner) form available. Submit the completed form to Human Resources. The Tuition Waiver must be submitted each semester.

Can I Get My Hamilton Degree?

You must complete a minimum of two classes or participate in two semesters of study before you can request to be reviewed for matriculation. The Office of Admission makes all decisions about matriculation. They will review your current coursework and any prior coursework to make that determination. It is important to realize the standards for acceptance do not vary because of the special relationship between the College and the employee, spouse, significant other or retiree.

What Will Be Expected of Me In Class?

All students, whether a member of the Horizons Program or a traditional student at Hamilton College, are held to the same academic standards.  Performance in class must meet the minimum standards of performance as outlined by the individual faculty member teaching your class. These standards do not change for students because of their age or their matriculation status.

Certainly there are some classes that are very challenging, but you will find the curriculum full of classes rich in learning and extraordinarily fun as well. Many employees have found that auditing courses - instead of taking them for credit - allows them to lessen the panic and really enjoy the experience.

What Are My Responsibilities As An Employee/Student?

To Your Job:  To fulfill whatever must be done as your regularly scheduled work. The College does not pay you for the time you are attending class, labs, etc. so all class participation must be cleared with your supervisor.  Adjustments to your schedule should be made to accommodate your participation.

To Your Participation as a Student: To abide by the same listing of rights and responsibilities as all other students. That means, for instance, that if you must drop a class, you cannot ignore that obligation. You must contact the Associate Dean of Students (Academic) so records can be appropriately modified. Because the College is underwriting your participation, it does not lessen your responsibility.


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