COVID-19 has impacted numerous services rendered by Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) on campus.  In particular, the execution of work orders and other service requests in private spaces —for planned or emergency work—presents unique challenges and hazards.  This document is intended to provide guidance for such service requests, and will remain effective until such a time that a return to normality is possible.

Private Spaces are areas where individuals are permitted to remove their face coverings. These areas include, but are not limited to, student dormitories, faculty and staff offices, and other enclosed areas where students, staff, and faculty are permitted to remove face coverings.

Follow Hamilton College guidance regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and social distancing. https://www.hamilton.edu/covid19-information/working-on-campus

All service requests are subject to review and authorization by the LITS Strategic Leadership Team (SLT), in coordination with the LITS Incident Management Team (IMT).


  • Private Space appointments and service requests should take place only during COVID NORMAL, COVID STANDARD, or MODIFIED alert levels. 
  • Private Space appointments and service requests during REDUCED or MINIMAL will be evaluated in coordination with the LITS IMT.
  • Attempt to schedule appointments or service requests for a specific date/time.
  • Follow all COVID PPE guidelines. Sanitize hands before and after entering the Private Space. If desired, wear disposable nitrile gloves.
  • Upon arrival at the Private Space, announce that you are with LITS, and stand back when the door is opened.  Communicate the purpose of the visit and do not proceed until/unless the individual(s) inside are wearing face coverings.  If they refuse, do not proceed with the service request.
  • It is always preferable for the service work to be completed while the occupant(s)  is standing outside of the Private Space.  If for whatever reason they want or need to be in the Private Space while the work is being completed, they must adhere to social distancing and mask wearing.  If they refuse, do not proceed with the service request.
  • Minimize contact with physical items. If desired, wear disposable nitrile gloves. Request that the occupant(s)  move any furniture or belongings, to the extent possible. Wipe down surfaces you have come into contact with using a disinfectant wipe.


Last Reviewed 2/8/2021
Last Updated 2/8/2021

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