When 1 + 1 > 2: The Creation of LITS
By Dave Smallen
In fall of 2013, the Library and Information Technology Services (ITS), two formerly separate (but collaborative) organizations, were strategically combined. Recognizing the rapid changes taking place in the way we access, utilize and analyze information, we believe that as one organization we can better support teaching, learning and college operations. More ...
Moves and Updates
Help Desk Help Desk Relocated to First Floor, Coffee Machine, and More!
By Beth Bohstedt and Lisa Forrest
Welcome back! We hope you had a great summer. When you visit Burke Library again, you'll notice a few changes we've made to the physical space. More ...
Information Security – Protecting Your Sensitive Information
By Dave Smallen
Everyone who works at Hamilton has a legal and moral obligation to protect personally identifiable information that they access in their work. Social security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers, and student grades are all examples of information that is protected by law. More ...
Updates to Technology Enhanced (TE) Classrooms
By Tim Hicks
It was a very busy summer for AV Services working in the Kennedy Theater & Studio Arts building, the Taylor Science Center, Root Hall, Molly Root and the Wellin Museum. More ...
Help Desk The Demise of VHS Decks
By Tim Hicks
Many of us still have VHS tapes at home, but how many of us have actually watched any? The library has a few thousand VHS tapes still in the collection, but very few are ever watched. For the past few years we have been tracking what tapes are actually being used and trying to replace them with DVDs. If you still require a VHS deck for your class please make sure there is a deck in the room you are assigned. Prior to the class, preview the tape in the classroom. Many of these tapes are 20 years old and may not even play. More ...
TE Classroom Etiquette
By Tim Hicks
For regular users of Technology Enhanced (TE) classrooms, these tips will help you get up and running more quickly and smoothly. More ...
Blackboard Learn Upgraded
By Deborah Reichler
Blackboard Learn was upgraded to the latest release and contains several new features. More ...
New Technology
Help Desk New Electronic Resources for Teaching and Research
By Lynn Mayo
Many new databases and full text digital collections have been added to the library's collection, several of them in response to faculty requests. Here are the highlights. More ...
Select the Topics You Want Covered: New Library Instruction Menu System
By Glynis Asu
Librarians are often looked upon as experts in library research and database searching. Whether assisting students at the desk or in the classroom, we offer much more than guidance with online databases! More ...
LITS Acquires Quadcopter
By Tim Hicks
One of the most exciting aspects of working in LITS is experimenting with new technologies. Over the summer LITS purchased a “quad copter” with Hi-Def cameras to bring about a new way of providing video footage of the Campus and beyond. More ...
almanac Useful Resources
American Almanacs
By Jean Williams and Christian Goodwillie
Hamilton College holds one of the best collections of American Almanacs in the country. Dating from the colonial period through the late nineteenth century, these popular publications informed locals about the calendar, civic holidays, court dates, elections, and even proffered agricultural advice, astrological portents, and jokes. More ...
Hamilton College Archives
By Katherine Collett
Hamilton College Archives, in the basement of Burke Library, contains many curious items related to the history of the college. The College Archives holds Hamilton and Kirkland College records, published materials, and personal papers of enduring value from administrators, faculty, students, and alumni from the founding of the Hamilton-Oneida Academy to the present, including the papers of Samuel Kirkland. More ...
Survey Tools
By Nikki Reynolds
Do you need to survey your students? Do you need to survey faculty, staff or the entire student body? Do you need to have your students create surveys for a course assignment? Hamilton College LITS offers four (yes, 4) different tools to meet your various needs. More ...
New Faces and New Places
Welcome Carl Wohnsen, AV's new Event Support Technician
By Tim Hicks
Audiovisual Services is pleased to welcome Carl Wohnsen '00 as an Event Support Technician. More ...
Welcome Alex Rihm, new FYE Librarian!
By Lisa Forrest
The division of LITS welcomes Alexandra Rihm, our new First Year Experience Librarian, to Hamilton College. More ...
Changes in Duties and Services within Audiovisual Services Team
By Tim Hicks
Members of the Audiovisual Services Team are taking on new duties and services. More ...
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