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NOTE:  You must be on campus to execute these instructions

In order to connect to Hamilton secure wireless network using Android 2.0 and above  please do the following.

1. Click Settings

2. Click Wireless & networks (For Android 4 skip this step)

3. Turn on Wi-Fi if it is currently off

4. Select Network SSID  aps-hamilton

5. In Identity and Passwords, enter your username (don’t include ‘@hamilton.edu’)  and password, respectively

6. Click Connect

Please note that it may take a few trys from the Smart Device to connect to the Hamilton wireless network.  You will know that you are connected to the secure wireless when you see the wireless symbol in your status bar.  It will also show up under your listed networks as aps-hamilton and will state that it is connected.

If you have problems connecting your Android to the secure wireless network, please stop by the Help Desk to receive further assistance.


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Last updated: February 28, 2017

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