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Department Security Manager Information

The role of the Department Security Manager (DSM) is to coordinate and approve all access to the administrative system (Colleague) for the users in their respective areas. It is the responsibility of the DSM to insure that new employees read the Policy on the Protection of Confidential and Sensitive Information document. The Employee Agreement to Protect Confidential and Sensitive Information should be signed and returned to the Central Information Services Team - Library and Information Technology Services - 3rd Floor of Burke Library. The DSM should also request the appropriate access for the employee using the Administrative Account Request Form.

Department Responsible Area(s) Department Security Manager

Business Office

General Ledger (TBA)
  Accounts Payable Dave Vore (Alternate)
Gary Carrock (Alternate)
  Accounts Receivable  
Cash Receipts
Registrar Student Records Kristin Friedel
  Dean of Students  
  Dean of Faculty  
  Other College offices using student data  
Advancement Alumni Records Nikki Barbano
  Gift Processing John Drew (Alternate)
Admission Admission Data Ben Rose
    Michelle Weismantle (Alternate)
Financial Aid Financial Aid Data Jan Scheutzow
Human Resources Human Resource Data Steve Stemkoski
    Mike Thayer (Alternate)
Residence Life Housing / Meal Plan Data Ashley Place
    Jean Burke (Alternate) 
LITS Administrative Access  Linda Lacelle
    Marty Sweeney (Alternate)

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Last updated: December 2, 2022


Team Name

Central Information Services

Office Location
Burke Library
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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