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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enrollment Guide

Duo's self-enrollment process makes it easy to register your phone and install the Duo Mobile application on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1. Enroll in Duo MFA

Enroll in Duo

2.  Duo MFA Setup Screen

3. Choose the Type of Device You’re Enrolling

We recommend using a smartphone for the best experience, but you can also enroll a landline telephone, iOS/Android tablet, or a security key.

Note: If you need a security key, you cannot continue the enrollment process now. Security keys are available to users who for any reason cannot use a smartphone and need access to certain services like the VPN.  Please contact the LITS Help Desk to discuss your needs.

4. Enter Your Phone Number

5. Select your Device’s Platform

6. Install Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile is an app that runs on your smartphone and helps you authenticate quickly and easily. Without it, you'll still be able to log in using a phone call*, but for the best experience, we recommend that you use Duo Mobile.

iOS Android

If you choose NOT to use a smartphone, complete the EQUIPMENT REQUEST FORM to request a Duo Hardware Token or contact the LITS Help Desk, 315-859-4181 helpdesk@hamilton.edu.

*Note: if you do not wish to install the Duo Mobile app, but are enrolling a smartphone, please click Back and select Other (and cell phones) in order to bypass the Duo Mobile app download screen.

7. Activate Duo Mobile

Activating the Duo Mobile app links it to your account so you can use it for authentication. On iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10, open the Duo Mobile app and use the app's built-in barcode scanner to scan the barcode.  Follow the platform specific instructions for your device.

8. Configure Automatic Device Options

This is a completely optional step, if you leave the option unchanged you will be able to choose your method of choice each time.

Last updated: January 18, 2021

9. Authenticate with Duo to complete the process.

10. Congratulations, you’ve successfully enrolled in Duo two-factor authentication!

If you see the SUCCESS screen everything went correctly!

11. Enroll additional devices

It is recommended that you register at least two devices, for example, both your smartphone and your office phone or a security key. If your smartphone is lost or stolen, you will still be able to access protected systems using your secondary device.

You can add a new authentication device or manage your existing devices via the Duo authentication prompt.

  1. You can easily get to the prompt by logging in to MyHamilton (if you are already logged in, log out).
  2. Once you login again you will go directly to the authentication prompt. Instead of choosing an authentication method, select Add a new device.
Duo - screenshot 14

12. Learn more about MFA

If you ever have any questions please reach out to the LITS Help Desk at 315-859-4181 or helpdesk@hamilton.edu.

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