Last updated: March 23, 2018

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  1. When you mouse over a module, it will be highlighted in yellow.  You have three choices:
    1. Move the module:  Click on the two vertical lines and drag the module above or below another module.  Please note, you can only move modules within the same content areas.
    2. Edit the content:  Click on the Edit button.  The editing options are dependent upon the type of content module.
      1. Text modules are edited by directly clicking on the module. Clicking Edit will display the Edit History of the module instead.
    1. Change Options:
      1. Settings:  Change the Layout and Style of the module box.
      2. Inherit: Use Inherit to make a module appear on all pages within a section and all its subsections. It is typically used in conjunction with Lock. 
      3. Lock: Use Lock to make a module appear on all pages within a section (but not subsections). It is typically used in conjunction with Inherit. 
      4. Remove: Deletes the content.

                 NOTE: Modules span the Full Width of the designated column by default. 

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