Last updated: May 23, 2023

Employee Storage Server General Information

The Employee Storage Server (ESS) provides:

  • A central, secure area where all employees can store their critical personal files from their on-campus PC or Macintosh.  (H Drive on Windows; users volume on Mac)

  • A central, secure area where each department can share files with other people in their department. (M Drive on Windows; Departments volume on Mac)

  • A central, secure area where employees can share files with people in various departments. (P Drive on Windows; Departments volume on Mac)
  • Off-campus access to files (My Hamilton Files tab.)

ESS User Folder Quotas (Size Limits)


Each employee at Hamilton College is provided with disk space on the ESS to store critical documents and other data from their office computer. Each academic and administrative department is likewise provided shared space for employees within that department to share documents with each other. Collaborative space is also provided for employees who wish to share files with employees in other departments.

Initial quotas

Each employee at Hamilton is assigned an initial quota of 3 GB to store their own personal files and data. Each department and campus space is also assigned an initial quota of 1 GB.

Process for requesting quota increases

Requests for increases are handled by LITS on a case by case basis.

Individual employees or departments may request an annual increase in their ESS disk quota, in increments of 500 MB. Requests for space greater than 5 GB in size will be handled on an individual basis. A maximum of 10 GB of space per employee is allowed.

Additional ESS disk space is available on a temporary basis for special projects, research, or instructional needs. Any requests for additional space beyond the maximum limit will be referred to the Desktop Integration Services (DIS) teams for alternative arrangements. The requestor must provide a reasonable timespan for the increase to remain, not to exceed one semester.

Student use

ESS access will not be provided for students. The Student Storage Space (SSS) is already provided for their use.

Requesting a Shared Drive space

You may request a shared drive on the ESS (P Drive) for administrative use by filling out this form

Accessing ESS On-Campus - Windows

  1. Double click on the Computer icon on your desktop.
  2. Double-click on the network drive you need.
  3. As long as you have the appropriate rights, you can now copy files to the desired space.

Accessing ESS On-Campus - Macintosh

  1. From the Macintosh desktop, select Go and then Connect to Server.
  2. Enter "ess" as the server address, then select Connect.
  3. Under Select the volumes to mount, choose Users from the window (or, if applicable, Campus or Departments), then select OK.
  4. Locate the folder corresponding to your username.  This folder represents your personal ESS space.

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