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Accessing the Academic Server

For coursework requiring a shared storage location, there are two options. You may request a shared course folder on our “Academic” file server, or a Google Shared Drive. Both of these provide a common storage location for students and faculty to share files and data.

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Academic Server Overview

The Academic Server provides storage for data related to coursework and research that faculty and their students share for a class, research project, or another academic pursuit.

Individual student folders – Students have full access to their own folder
Shared folder– Enrolled students have full read-write-execute access
Data folder – Enrolled students can read and execute
DropBox folder – Enrolled students can write only

Accessing Files using a Mac

From the main menu bar, select Go - Connect to Server.Go Select Server Image

In the Connect to Server window, type academic in the Server Address field.Click the Connect button.

If prompted, log in to Hamilton College's network: Log in to Academic Server

Use the following syntax for your username.

Use the same password you would use for My Hamilton or HillConnect email. Click Connect.

Select the desired folder and click the OK button.

Accessing Files on a Windows PC

Faculty and students can double click on the Computer icon on the desktop and then double click on the (K:) drive icon.


From the Start Menu, select Network.

In the address bar of the resulting window, type \\academic.

Press the Enter key on the keyboard.

Double-click on the desired folder to open it.

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Last updated: September 3, 2021


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