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This is the first page in a network of pages to help guide you through the many and useful backup solutions that exist to protect your data. Whether you need to back up documents, pictures, other rich media, or your entire digital life, there is a solution that will suit your needs.

LITS has also identified and clearly indicated solutions that are appropriate for faculty, staff, or student confidential data--one need not sacrifice personal data to have a reliable backup solution.

LITS often assists students and employees whose computers have malfunctioned while either working on or after finishing some assignment, typically when such a loss is most painful and difficult to recover from. Thankfully, with a very little effort, this scenario can be easily avoided.


Storage Solution Finder External Hard Drive Flash Drive Employee Storage Server1 Student Storage Server2 Academic Server3

HillConnect Google Drive

Gmail Google Drive, Dropbox, or Similar
Documents ? ? ? ? ?
Images ? ?   ? ?
Music ?     ? ?
Video ?       ?  
Computer Backup ?   ?      
Easily Shared with Others         ? ?  

is a solution that should not be used for sensitive or confidential information, e.g. bank account numbers, passwords, social security numbers, health information.

1 This solution is only available to staff and faculty.

2 This solution is only available to students. Individual quotas are about 200MB, which should be sufficient for storing active work and a backup of past essays and papers.

3 This solution is for academic purposes (e.g. Coursework) only. Members of the Faculty and Staff can request folders be created on the Academic Server.

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