Hamilton College has a site license for ESRI software and data products.  This means that any member of the Hamilton community can access a wide range of applications and data layers from anywhere on campus (and, in many cases, from off-campus as well).  Our recommended application for class use is ArcGIS Online, which you would access by logging in with your usual Hamilton user name and password.  Here are some of the other resources we have:

ArcGIS for Desktop (Advanced level) is the professional Geographic Information System application, used for many types of data collection, spatial analysis and cartography.  This application (which comes with all extensions) is available on all Windows lab computers on campus and can be requested for any Hamilton-owned office (Windows) system.

ArcGIS Online is the web-based version of ArcGIS.  Continually updated and improved, this easy-to-learn application can run on any platform in any browser.  In addition to data creation and map layout, this application includes access to many layers of prepared data and has a number of spatial analysis tools as well.  As part of this web-based product, we also have access to StoryMaps which can be used as a standalone application or as the web publishing template of an ArcGIS Online map.

ArcGIS Pro is ESRI's next-generation desktop application (includes all extensions).  This application can integrate with ArcGIS Online and can be installed upon request.

Through our ArcGIS Online subscription, we have access to Community Analyst, which enables community organizations to analyze demographics and landscapes in order to plan projects effectively; to Business Analyst, which enables businesses to conduct research and make location-based development decisions; to Insights for ArcGIS, which is a web-based data analytics workbench where you can explore spatial and nonspatial data; to GeoPlanner, which "an app for informed, evidence– and performance–based planning and design;" to ArcGIS Urban, "an immersive 3D experience designed to improve urban planning and decision-making"; and Redistricting, "bringing clarity to the redistricting process."

We have access to ESRI Demographics, which includes data from over 130 countries related to recent demographics about total population, family size, household income, crime, unemployment, and more.  This data is available in all ESRI platforms and includes Census 2010, Tapestry segmentation, and the American Community Survey (all of these topics are also included in the Living Atlas, whose layers can be easily added to ArcGIS Online).  You might be interested in Open Data, which is a platform from which to share your own data.

We also have access to CityEngine, which is a 3D modeling application for urban planning, architecture, and design.  The 3D models can be integrated with ArcGIS Desktop.  ESRI has several field-collection apps, including Field Maps, which can be used on tablets and phones to collect data in the field and integrate with existing maps. You can integrate maps made in MS Excel via ArcGIS Maps for OfficeAppStudio for ArcGIS lets you convert your maps into mobile apps and publish them to all popular app stores.  You can develop your own apps at the Developers Network or turn your data into web apps with the Experience Builder.

Any member of the Hamilton community can take any of the online training courses and webinars as part of our ArcGIS subscription.  You would need to be added to this online resource, but after authorization, most courses are free.  This is a great way to learn about what you can do with GIS and with ArcGIS!

This is not an exhaustive list of everything in our site license, but these are the main attractions.  Call us if you want to use an ESRI product and don't see it in this list; we may have access included.

Last updated: June 24, 2022


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