Last updated: April 29, 2024

The Filtered List module displays a list of items (links) that can be filtered alphabetically or by category.

Example of alpha list
Example of list by category

  1. Click on the Add to Main Content button and select the Filtered List module.
  2. Mouse over the module and click on Edit.
  3. Under the Basic Settings tab, select a filter type. Choose either A to Z Listing or Categories.
  4. Fill out the rest of the basic settings:
    1. Filter Heading is text displayed at the top of the module.
    2. Filter Label is text displayed next to the filter choices.
    3. Checking View all by default will display all items when the page is loaded for A to Z Listings. This will override Start with filter results closed.
    4. Checking Start with filter results closed will hide all items until the user chooses a letter to filter by for A to Z Listings. Otherwise, items will be displayed by the first letter available.
  5. Click Save Settings.

    FilteredList editing menu
  6. If you choose Categories, then click on the Categories tab and add the list of categories by clicking Add a category
  7. Under the Items tab, click Add a list item to add a new item to your list.
    1. Fill in the Title, Link URL, and Description, and click Save. (If you are using the category filter, you can also select a category for the item.)
    2. You can also edit or delete pre-existing items.
    3. You can change the order of items (and categories) by dragging the item up or down.

      FilteredList item editing menu

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