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Grant Your Parent/Guardian Access to Campus Resources

Hamilton applicants and students have the ability to grant their parents/guardians access to various campus resources, e.g., the student loan request form. Use the instructions below to configure and manage these permissions.

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Student Instructions Parent Instructions


Applicants and Students

  1. Log in at to the Parent/Guardian Access System.
  2. Parent Access: Student Grant Access Home Screen with Form AnnotatedClick the “+ Add Parent/Guardian” link at the bottom of the page. A form will appear.

  3. Enter the email address that your parent or guardian will use to create a My Hamilton account then click the “Submit” button.
    • Parent Access: Student Grant Access Home Screen Edit Access Annotated No Add LinkIf your parent/guardian already has an account, the system will automatically attach their record to yours, but you will still need to grant them access by clicking the “Edit access” link on the Parent/Guardian Access home page.

    • If your parent/guardian doesn’t have anParent Access: Student Email When Parent Creates Account Annotated account, the system will notify them by email and provide them with a link to register for an account. When they create their account, you (the student) will receive an email notifying you that their account has been created and that you'll need to grant it access to various systems. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the link in the email to assign access permissions.



  1. If you haven’t already, you'll need to create a My Hamilton account.
  2. Log into My Hamilton.
    • Parent Access: Parent My Hamilton Home AnnotatedParents/Guardians with My Hamilton Guest Accounts: You will see a link to your student(s) along with a link to request access to student information resources.

    • Parent Access: Parent Employee Alum Gray Bar Annotated 2Parents/Guardians Who Are Employees or Alumni: Click on the ‘View my student’ link located on the gray bar at the top of the Hamilton web site.

  3. Parent Access: ButtonsTo request access to your student’s information, click the Request access to my student’s information link.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only request access to your student’s information resources if they are currently enrolled and on campus. Applied/Accepted/Deposited students need to grant you access using the instructions above.

    Parent Access: Request FormIf you choose the “My Student is Currently Enrolled and On-Campus (or Studying Away)” option, you’ll be taken to a form, which, when submitted, will notify your student of your request. Your student can then grant or deny the request. 


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Last updated: May 27, 2021


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