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Installing and Configuring Thunderbird

Installing Thunderbird

  1. Go to to install the latest version of Thunderbird on either your Windows or Macintosh computer and follow the instructions. Once the download is complete, follow the instructions below.
  2. If the Incompatible Add-on window is displayed, select the add-ons you use and click Check Now to check if there are compatible versions of the add-ons available. If a newer version is available, click Install Now, then click Done. If a newer version is not available the No Compatible Add-ons Found window is displayed. Click Finish to continue.
  3. Open up Thunderbird. Click the X button to exit the tab Welcome to Thunderbird!

Configuring Thunderbird Settings

To add an account:

  1. In Thunderbird, click the Tools menu and select Account Settings. Unless otherwise specified, the following Thunderbird configurations are all made in Account Settings.
  2. In Account Settings, click on the drop down menu that reads Account Actions and select Add Mail Account
  3. TB-1In the window that comes up enter your email address and password and click Continue.

  4. TB-2Select the IMAP option and click Done.

  5. TB-5Thunderbird will then open a Google Sign-in window. Click Next and enter your password to sign in.

  6. Thunderbird will then ask for permission to TB-6manage your email. Click Allow when prompted to do so. Doing so will take you back to the Account Settings window.





NOTE: You will need to repeat this section for any additional Hamilton e-mail accounts you have setup in Thunderbird.

To Change the Hamilton Address Book Settings:

NOTE: If you are configuring Thunderbird on your personal computer, please ignore the directions below and proceed to the next section: Fine Tune Thunderbird Settings for HillMail.

  1. Click Composition & Addressing, click Use a different LDAP server, click the Edit Directories button, select Hamilton LDAP, click Delete and click OK.
  2. The LDAP Directory Server window is still open, click the Add button and update the following fields:
    • Set Name to HillAD
    • Set Hostname to
    • Set Base DN to dc=hamilton,dc=edu (please note there are no spaces)
    • Check the option to Use secure connection (SSL)
    • Set Bind DN to where “username” is your e-mail ID. Students: set to
    • Set Port number to 3269
    • Click OK and click OK to save the settings.
    • Select HillAD from the directory list and click OK.

To Configure the Hamilton address book to search on name (rather than username):

  1. Click the Tools menu, select Options (on a Mac, select Thunderbird and then Preferences), select the Advanced icon, then the General tab and click the Config Editor button.
  • At the void warranty window uncheck the option to Show this warning next time and click the I accept the risk! button.
  • In the Filter: field, type Ldap. The window will display several entries for ldap_2.servers.HillAD…..Select one of the entries and right-click (on a Mac,  hold the CTRL key and click), then choose New > String.
  • Enter the string value preference name as ldap_2.servers.HillAD.autoComplete.nameFormat.
  • Please note this is case sensitive and there are no spaces. Please double-check for accuracy. Click OK.
  • Enter the string value as displayName.
    1. Please note the square brackets are required, there are no spaces, and only the letter “N” is capitalized. Click OK.
    2. Click the Red X exit button to close the Config Editor
  • The Options/Preferences window is still open, choose the Composition icon and select the Addressing tab, check the option for Directory Server and select HillAD from the list.
  1. Click OK to close the Options window (on a Mac, select the red circle on the window corner to close out the Preferences window).
  2. It's time to get your mail! Click the Get Mail icon and enter your e-mail password and click OK. Your mail folders should populate with your HillMail.

Fine Tune Thunderbird Settings for HillMail

  1. Your sent message are automatically placed in the [Gmail/Sent Mail] folder, therefore it is no longer necessary to save a copy of your sent messages on the server. To update this setting click the Tools menu, select Account Settings, and then select Copies & Folders. Uncheck the box labeled Place a copy in:. Keep this window open for the next few steps.
  2. To set the proper location for your Drafts folder select Account Settings, and then select Copies & Folders. In the Drafts, Archives, and Templates section: set the following:
    • Set Keep message drafts in: to Other and navigate to the folder > [Gmail] > Drafts where “username” is your e-mail ID.
  1. Keep message archives in: should be automatically set to Other: All Mail.  If not, select Other and navigate to the folder > Gmail > All Mail where “username” is your e-mail ID. Click OK.

NOTE: You will need to repeat this step for any additional Hamilton e-mail accounts you have set up in Thunderbird.

  1. To keep Thunderbird from opening messages in tab form, select Tools then Options (on a Mac, select Thunderbird then Preferences).
  2. Click the Display icon and then select the Advanced tab.
  3. Under Open messages in: select the radial button A new message window.
  4. Click OK.

Things to Know about Thunderbird for HillMail

  • If you already had filters set up prior to updating and reconfiguring Thunderbird to work with your HillMail account, you might need to recreate your filters for every Hamilton account you check in Thunderbird.  Those filters that move mail to local folders will continue to work as before but those that move mail to an IMAP folder might need to be recreated.
  • If you filter messages, New Message notification for your folders has to be set. To do so:
  1. Highlight the folder
  2. Select Edit in the Menu bar and then select Folder Properties.
  3. Check the box When getting new messages for this account, always check this folder.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Repeat the process for additional folders.Repeat the process for additional folders

NOTE: You need to repeat the above step for any additional Hamilton e-mail accounts you have setup in Thunderbird

  • The first time you create a new message the LDAP Server Password Required window is displayed. Please enter your password and check the Use Password Manager box.
  • The first time you send a message the SMTP Server Password Required window is displayed. Please enter your password and check the Use Password Manager box.
  • Now that the e-mail server resides off-campus, you might experience a slight performance decrease in Thunderbird.



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Last updated: December 2, 2022


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