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Specialized academic software storage for both faculty and students accessible from the Hamilton web or any campus computer.

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Photoshop CS6 Basic Skills
Introduction to Qualtrics
Microsoft Office 2010 Work at Home License for Windows
Installing Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Macintosh Computers
Embedding Video in Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac OS X
Installing the Citrix Client on your Computer
Sophos Home Edition on Mac OS X 10.6 or later for Students
Introduction to Citrix
Installing Sophos Anti-Virus on Mac OS 10.4-10.9 for Employees Off campus
Citrix Unable to Open In Firefox
Microsoft Office 2011 Work at Home License for Macintosh
SmartBoard Tools
Microsoft Office 2013 Work at Home License for Windows
Installing and Configuring Thunderbird
Color Printing from Citrix
Configuring Apple Mail for HillConnect Mail
Creating an Apple ID
Installing Sophos Anti-Virus on Windows for Employees Only
Installing AVG Anti-virus
Software Standards
Creating Music with Apple Loops in GarageBand
Support of Hardware and Software
Configuring Microsoft Outlook for HillConnect Mail
Using Blog CFC
Google Drive
Using Stata
Hamilton College Blogging Policies for Academic Blogs
Backup and Restore Files on an iOS Device
Using Minitab
Cloud Storage
Using StatTransfer
Embedding Video into a Web Page
Using R
Creating Email Lists from the Hamilton College Directory
Using Maple
Streaming Video
Using iThink
Using Differential Equations
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