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Support of Hardware and Software


This document describes the types of hardware and software support provided by LITS and the manner in which software is licensed for institutional use.


The policy applies to all employees and students at Hamilton College. 

Revision History

Last revised, December 2014

Supported Products

LITS maintains a list of supported hardware and software. Suggestions for additions and deletions from the list should be submitted to the VP for Libraries and Information Technology.  This list includes the types and brands of hardware and software that are in use at the college and indicates the level of support that LITS can provide. Two levels of service are provided for supported information technology resources, full and limited.

Full Support

Products designated for full support are those with widespread use on the campus. Examples include generic products (word processors, spreadsheets, Web browsers, etc.). LITS will provide help for the integration of these products with other supported campus technology resources, including services such as installation, training, maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades. HelpDesk, hardware repair, and training services for these products will be available through LITS. LITS will maintain sufficient expertise on staff, or through contractual arrangements, to deliver a high level of service for these products. In addition, for these products, LITS will negotiate favorable pricing and maintain a central budget for software upgrades.

Limited Support

Products designated for limited support are generally used by one or two departments. Examples include computer-assisted instruction programs and simulations. LITS does not have access to these products on a regular basis. Departments acquiring such products should plan to develop their own expertise and be prepared to resolve problems through the vendors' support services. LITS will provide help installing these products. It is unlikely that Helpdesk, repair, or training services will be available for these products. Items in the limited category can move to the full category if they achieve more widespread use and sufficient resources exist within LITS to provide the range of services described above.

Licensing of Software

The use of all software in the College is protected by copyright laws and must be used in accordance with software licenses. It is against College policy to copy or reproduce any licensed software. Unlicensed software may not be installed on any computers owned by Hamilton. The unauthorized use or copying of software is a serious violation of policy and subject to disciplinary action. Such unauthorized use or copying may also subject the offending individual to law suits by third parties.

Software on Personally Owned Equipment

Hamilton's educational licensing agreements for software specifically limit installation to machines owned by the college. Therefore, software purchased by Hamilton under these agreements may not be installed on personally owned equipment.


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Last updated: August 10, 2018

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