Last updated: March 23, 2018

Hamilton Computer Equipment

All college computer equipment is maintained on a service contract with an outside vendor. Currently that vendor is CCNY Tech. If a hardware problem is suspected the user should call the Helpdesk (859-4181) during normal business hours for assistance. If hardware service is indicated arrangements will be made with the CCNY Tech technician. CCNY Tech only repairs equipment located in college offices. Repairs will not be done in residence halls or private residences.

Personally Owned Equipment

CCNY Tech also provides repair for personally owned computers. Computers are repaired at a discounted commercial rate established by the vendor as part of its contract with Hamilton. There is a minimum charge for examining the equipment if repair is not needed. Equipment must be delivered to the CCNY Tech office on the third floor of the Burke Library during regular business hours. The CCNY Tech technician will be available each day between 3:30 p.m. and 4:40 p.m. to receive equipment, or by special arrangement by calling x4171 or by e-mail (ccnytech@hamilton.edu). Payment for the repairs must be made by check, credit card, or money order when the equipment is picked up. Charges for repair cannot be applied to your Hamilton College account.

For questions about these Policies, Procedures, Plans and Standards, contact:

Joe Shelley, Vice President for Information Technology

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