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What is Citrix?

The computers in public labs deliver some specialized software via Citrix – a client/server configuration that makes software more broadly available to students and faculty. In this model, there is a server which runs the Citrix system, and on which Windows desktop software, like SPSS or Maple, has been installed. There is also a client, a small piece of software that you, the end user, install on your personal computer. Finally, there is a web page (http://citrix.hamilton.edu) that allows you to tell the Citrix server which software you want to run. After that, the program you choose runs on the Citrix server, but looks like it is running on your personal computer. You get access to all the same resources you can normally access from your computer.

Note that it doesn’t matter whether your personal computer is a Macintosh or Windows computer. Citrix has a client written for either of these computer platforms, and will make the necessary translation so that you can run the software from your computer - that is “from”, not “on”. The actual software, such as Exceed or Stata, never runs on your personal computer, only on the Citrix server.

One of the important advantages of the Citrix server for teaching and learning is the ability of the students to access the software from their dormitory rooms, or even away from campus - any location where they can use the web to reach http://citrix.hamilton.edu/. It is also possible for faculty to use this URL to reach the software from home as well as the office. However, be aware that you must remain connected to the internet for your entire Citrix work session.

Available Programs

As of August 2013, the following programs are available through Citrix:

If you would like to request a new program be added to the Citrix server, please contact the Instructional Technology Support Services team (itsst-l@listserv.hamilton.edu).

Common Citrix Problems and their Solutions

Unable to Log In

If you are unable to log into the Citrix web portal, make sure your username and password are correct. If you are a student, make sure the Domain drop down menu says students.hamilton.edu.  The default domain (Hamilton.edu) is correct for faculty and other employees of the college.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Citrix applications are presented in a Windows environment.  Therefore, keyboard shortcuts must be those used in the Windows file management system. Macintosh users should note that the shortcut for copying is and the shortcut for pasting is . You may also use the Edit menu to select these functions.

Folder Access

If you are experiencing difficulties navigating through folders, make sure the folder you are trying to open does not contain the forward slash ‘/’ symbol. If it does, rename it and try accessing it again.

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