Last updated: September 25, 2023

To use Citrix from off-campus, all users are now required to have a VPN account, and use an active VPN connection. On-campus use will remain the same. To request a VPN account, please click on https://www.hamilton.edu/offices/lits/forms/vpn-request-form.

What is Citrix?

Citrix Workspace allows users to run certain Windows software virtually from a remote server, without needing to install the apps on the computer using them. Citrix is also tied to the Academic Server, ESS, and SSS so that Hamilton users can manage files stored on these servers directly from these virtual applications.

Citrix is available for macOS and Windows. Note that the Citrix server is Windows-based, meaning that Mac users will need to use Windows keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Ctrl+C instead of Cmd+C) while using the applications. This document summarizes the major differences between Mac and Windows keyboard shortcuts. 

Citrix is already set up on the computers in public labs. To access Citrix on a personal machine, users will need to:

  1. install the Citrix Workspace App,
  2. register for Citrix access, and
  3. understand file/drive locations

Our Citrix guide is in two formats; documents and videos. Both formats cover the same content.

Citrix Guide Documents:

  1. Installing the Citrix Workspace App on your personal computer
  2. Registering for Citrix & opening a program
  3. File browsing & drive mapping from Citrix

Citrix Guide Videos: 

  1. Playlist of instructional videos for Mac users
  2. Playlist of instructional videos for Windows PC users

Additional Resources:

  1. Citrix FAQ
  2. If you use the color printers on campus, learn more about color printing from Citrix.

Available Programs

As of Fall 2022, the following programs are available through Citrix:

If you would like to request a new program be added to the Citrix server, please contact the Research and Instructional Design team (askus@hamilton.edu). Contact the Help Desk (helpdesk@hamilton.edu) if you have questions about Citrix.

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