MATLAB is a programming and numeric computing platform created by MathWorks. Engineers and scientists use the program (and the matrix-based MATLAB language) to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications.

MATLAB is freely available to all Hamilton College faculty, students, and staff either through the College’s Citrix server or as a locally installed program. In general, we recommend using it from Citrix unless you plan to use it very often or you need custom add-ons.

Last updated: July 3, 2022

MATLAB via Citrix

First, Hamilton community members can use MATLAB from the College’s remote Citrix system. The Citrix system is already set up on public lab computers. See the LITS Resources Citrix guide to access Citrix from your personal computer. 

Once you gain access to Citrix, go to https://citrix.hamilton.edu/, log in using your Hamilton email ID and password, and click the MATLAB program icon to launch the program. 

MATLAB as a Local App

Second, Hamilton affiliates can also install MATLAB on their personal computers. Users will need to create a MathWorks account linked with their Hamilton email address. Also, check the system requirements before installation (e.g., 3.4 GB of disk space and 4GB of RAM at minimum). 

New Users: Create a MathWorks Account

  1. Go to the MathWorks portal for Hamilton College
  2. Click “Sign in to get started.”
  3. Complete an SSO authentication using your Hamilton credentials.
  4. Click “Create an account.”
  5. Fill out the form to create your MathWorks account. Use a @hamilton.edu email and a unique password for the account. In other words, do not use your Hamilton password. Click "Create" to submit the form.

Existing MathWorks Users

  1. Go to the MathWorks portal for Hamilton College
  2. Sign in to the MathWorks Account (and Hamilton SSO authentication as needed).
  3. Under “My Software,” click the blue download icon located next to your MATLAB license information to download the executable installer. 
  4. Launch the executable from the bottom of your browser.
  5. Type in the email address and password for your MathWorks Account.
  6. Confirm the required information and the destination folder. 
  7. Review the list and select the products you wish to install. You can install add-ons at any time from the MATLAB Add-on explorer, so install only the add-ons you need immediately.  
  8. Once the installation is complete, click “Close” to close the installer window.


MATLAB Installation Guide

MathWorks provides tutorial videos and documentation for MATLAB installation and license renewal. 

MATLAB Self-paced Online Courses

MathWorks also offers on-demand online courses to licensed users at no additional cost. Log in with your MathWorks account to take the courses. 

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