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Registering for Citrix & Opening a Program

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Install the Citrix Workspace App on your computer first, and follow the instructions below to register. Note that you need to re-register every academic year

Below are instruction videos for Mac and Windows users, showing how you can register for Citrix access and open a program on your personal machine.

Video: How to Register for Citrix on a Mac

Video: How to Register for Citrix access on a Windows PC

All off-campus use of Citrix requires an active VPN account, and an active VPN connection. On-campus use will remain the same. To request a VPN account, please click on

Registration Process:

  1. Go to This is the gateway to access all the apps offered through the Citrix system.
  2. Type your Hamilton email ID and password, and choose the domain. Click “Log On” to sign in.

    • Students: keep the domain section as

    • Faculty and staff: change the domain section to  

  3. Click the registration link at the bottom, saying “Click this link to register for access.” 

  4. Click on “CREATE MY CITRIX ACCOUNT” to complete registration. Create Citrix Account

  5. If the registration was successful, click the link ( to go back to the Citrix system. It may take up to 10 minutes for the Citrix server to update your registration information. 
    Citrix Success

  6. The registration is complete if you can see the program icons on

  7. Proceed to File Browsing & Drive Mapping from Citrix to learn how to access files from an app running through Citrix. 


Opening an App from Citrix:

  1. Visit and log in using your Hamilton credentials. 

    • Students: keep the domain section as

    • Faculty and staff: change the domain section to  

  2. To open an app, click on the app’s icon. Then, click “Open Citrix Workspace Launcher.”

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Last updated: November 2, 2022


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