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To minimize the risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to your personal and college data and related resources via your computer, it is a security best practice to automatically lock a computer after some period of inactivity and require the user to enter his/her network password to regain access.


This policy applies to all computer systems noted below.

Policy Revision History

Last revised, August 2015.


Employee Office Computers

College-owned Macintosh and Windows computers, excluding those in the public labs and teaching classrooms (noted below), are configured to automatically lock after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

To immediately lock your office computer, simultaneously press the following keys:

Macintosh - Command + Option + Power button
Windows -  Control + Alt + Delete and select Lock or Windows Key + L

Public Labs

Public labs have an auto logoff as well, but this is set to 15 minutes. This applies to both Windows and Macintosh computers and will precede any screen saver or power saving function.

Teaching Classrooms

The computers in the teaching spaces managed by LITS are configured with an auto logoff setting at 55 minutes. The user will receive a prompt that will let them know they will be logged off due to inactivity. This result may vary as some spaces are managed independently of LITS, however most LITS managed labs and classrooms will behave in this manner.

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