Last updated: March 29, 2024

The Navigation module has two available layouts:

  • Related Link
  • Standard
  • You can create a Title.
  • Click save at the bottom when finished.

SiteManager - Navigation options

The Related Links layout is used in the Main Content column.

  • Add Link Text and the Link URL/Address, click save.
  • Click on "add a new sub-link under "" " to create sub-links associated with the top-level link.
  • Click on "Add a new top-level link to create a new top-level link.
  • Click save when finished.

SiteManager - Navigation links

The Standard layout (example below) is used in the Navigation column.


To add the Navigation Module to a page:

  1. Click on Add Content to Main Content or  Add Content to Navigation button at the bottom of the page and select the Navigation module.
  2. Mouse over the module and click on Edit.
  3. Click on Link Text and enter your title. You can add a URL either by choosing a page or entering a specific URL. (NOTE: If you are linking to a website outside of hamilton.edu, we suggest checking new window.)
  4. Click Save
Sitemanager - Navigation
  1. If your navigation has more than one section, click  Add a new top-level link and follow the same directions as for the previous section.
  2. To change the navigation layout, click on Settings next to Links and select your desired layout. 
    1. Generally, Related Links is used in the Main Content section and Standard is used in the Navigation section.
  3. Click Save.
SiteManager - Navigation

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