The R&ID team supports students’ use of 3D scanning, modeling, and printing for both academic and non-academic projects. These technologies allow a student to transform an idea into a physical form rapidly with limited resources. Students learn to create physical objects from digital models using a range of 3D modeling and printing technologies.

Course Support

Typical Assignments 
  • 3D object, artifact reproduction
Common Tools & Resources
  • Hardware: HP 3D automatic Turntable Pro, HP 3D structured Light Scanner ProS3, HP DreamColor monitor, HP Sprout G2, HP Workstation (PC), Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 3 
  • Software: Thingiverse, Tinkercad
R&ID Specialists
  • Doug Higgins, Ben Salzman
Courses (2018-19)
  • BIO 100/BIO 248 - Explorations in Biology, Genes and Genomes / Natalie Nannas (3D object)
  • ECON 318 - Economics of Technology / Christophre Georges (essay)
  • HIST 150 - Myth & History in the Middle Ages / John Eldevik (3D object)
  • HIST 245 - Environment and US Global Expansion / Peter Simons (3D object)

Of Interest

Follow these links related to 3D Scanning, Printing, and Modeling at Hamilton and beyond that the R&ID team has found most relevant.

  • Complete the 3D Print Appointment Request Form to have a member of the R&ID team contact you about your 3D scanning, modeling, and/or printing project.
  • Maker’s Muse offers a wide range of tutorial on 3D printing.
  • Thingiverse provides thousands of free 3D digital models that can be downloaded and built using a 3D printer!


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