The R & ID team supports students as well as faculty to efficiently and effectively showcase their work digitally. The platforms through which this skill develops ranges from narrative and creative animation, published articles, photographs, research posters, to online presentations. The common thread running through these digital products is the act of storytelling. So, our team works alongside you to best tell your story. This involves organizing content, structuring it on a digital platform, then finalizing it before preparing it for public display.

Course Support

Typical Assignments
  • animation, article, photograph, poster, presentation 
Common Tools & Resources
  • Hardware: Digital Arts Lab equipment, large format poster printer
  • Software: Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, PowerPoint
LITS Specialists
  • Bret Olsen, Scott Paul
Courses (2018-19)
  • ART 116 - Introduction to Photography / Rita Lombardi (photograph)
  • ART 221 - Introduction to Animation / Maximiliano Ferro (animation)
  • ART 302 - Advanced Photography / Robert Knight (photograph)
  • GOVT 216 - Latin American Politics / Heather Sullivan (Wikipedia article)
  • Opportunity Programs - Chemistry / Karen Brewer (poster)
  • PSYCH 324 - Law and Human Behavior / Keelah Williams (poster) 


Research & Instructional Design Staff

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