Geographic Information Systems and other mapping tools will help you locate, present, analyze, and interact with data that is geographically referenced. These tools are used in many fields such as environmental studies, geography, geology, natural resources management, demographics, public health, economics, history, and much, much more.

Course Support

Typical Assignments
  • spatial analysis, media-rich exploration of spatial locations
Common Tools & Resources
  • Software: ArcGIS Online, StoryMaps
LITS Specialists
  • Deborah Reichler 
Courses (2018-19)
  • ARTH 292 - Modern Architecture: 1750-present / Brigit Ferguson 
  • CNMS 201 - Introduction to Digital Humanities / Janet Oppedisano 
  • ENVST 210 - Gateway to Environmental Studies / Aaron Strong  
  • ENVST 250 - Interpreting the American Environment / Peter Simons 
  • GOVT 360 - Politics & Theory of Place & Space / Peter Cannavo 
  • HIST 132 - Jewish Civilization from the Talmud to the Yishuv / Shoshana Keller 
  • HIST 224 - Vienna Empire:  1683-1945 / John Eldevik 
  • HIST 226 - History of Ideas / Mackenzie Cooley 

Of Interest

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