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    • From the Editor
    • How Father Joseph Emerged as the Leader of the Shakers: A Closer Look at the 1780s and Beyond by Stephen Paterwic
    • “Fall on the rock”: Excavating a Shaker Spiritual Motif by Carol Medlicott
    • “The Picturesque Shakers” and “Hands to Work: Picturing the Shakers as Handicraft Workers in 19th Century Photographs” by Robert P. Emlen
    • The Grand Survivor: The Harvard Shakers’ New Office of 1839–40 213 by Ned Quist

    Front cover illustration: “J. W.” Stone. Photo by Winthrop B. Coffin, The Peg Board, 1936. Back cover illustration: The grave marker of Sarah Wright Meacham, mother of Father Joseph Meacham. Photo by author.

    • From the Editor
    • The Rise of Anti-Masonry in Western New York and Its Connection to the Rise of Mormonism by Bruce A. Van Orden
    • “There’s no combination, so firm as freemason”: William Wines Phelps — New York Journalist, Mason, and Anti-Mason by Michael W. Homer
    • A “Prophet to Your Father”: Martin Harris and the Printing of the Book of Mormon by Rick Grunder
    • The Key to William Morgan’s Jail Cell in Canandaigua, New York by Christian Goodwillie

    Front cover illustration: The original copyright title page for the Book of Mormon filed June 11, 1829. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. Back cover illustration: Rick Grunder photographing the key to William Morgan’s cell at St. Patrick’s Lodge, No. 4, Johnstown, New York, June 22, 2023. Photograph by Christian Goodwillie.

    • From the Editor
    • Johann Adam Gruber – His Life and Times by Emilie Hoppe
    • Thoughts on Barbara Heinemann Landmann by Janet W. Zuber
    • Places to Pray: A Survey of Inspirationist Meeting Houses by Peter Hoehnle
    • Book Production in Communal Ebenezer, New York, and Amana, Iowa by Lanny Haldy
    • A Question of Pacifism or Patriotism: The Amana Society during World War I by Jon Childers

    Front cover illustration: The author’s [Lanny Haldy] grandmother’s Bücherschrank (book cabinet) containing most of the over 300 Inspirationist imprints. Photo by Lanny Haldy. Back cover illustration: Ronneburg, 2023. Photo by Reiner Erdt.

    • From the Editor
    • “This imperfect scrawl”: Neighbor Maria G. Ham Remembers the Canterbury Shakers, 1839-1908 by Brian D. Carroll
    • Frederick Williams Evans’s Letter to Alcander Longley in the Phalansterian Record by Christian Goodwillie
    • Defending the House of David: Mary Purnell’s 1923 Testimony before a Michigan Grand Jury by Brian D. Carroll
    • Kaliflower: A Selection of Covers

    Front and back cover illustrations: Kaliflower

    • From the Editor
    • Canterbury’s Shaker Museum: Curating the Past During Times of Change and Crisis by Becky Soules
    • Holes in the Fabric of a Shaker Village: Three Lost Buildings of the Harvard Shaker Society by Ned Quist
    • “For the benefit of Believers only”: The Remarkable Odyssey of Thirty Medical Receipts by Kerry Hackett

    Front cover illustration: Only known photograph of the museum in situ in the Brethren’s South Shop (ca. 1877–1917). (Communal Societies Collection, Hamilton College)
    Back cover illustration: William Wright: North Family Dwelling, 1896. (Courtesy of the Trustees Archives and Research Center)

    • From the Editor
    • Excelsior Beneath the Water: Spiritualism, Socialism, Flood and Tragedy in Utopia, Ohio 1847 by Mitchell K. Jones
    • “Whatever is in you has to come out”: An Individual’s Journey through Bhagwan’s Communes and Beyond by Kate Biedermann

    Front cover illustration: Sarita Akin, sister of Madhuri, dancing in meditation. Communal Societies Collection, Hamilton College. Back cover illustration: Arthur Rothstein, photographer. Untitled photo, possibly related to: Melting snow, Utopia, Ohio. United States Ohio Utopia, 1940. https://www.loc.gov/item/2017726788/.

    • From the Editor
    • The Factory Debacle: the Shirley Shakers Seriously Overextend Their Talent and Financial Capability by Stephen J. Paterwic
    • Using the Testimonies of the Life, Character, Revelations, and Doctrines of Mother Ann Lee to Recover Forgotten Shaker History: a Case in Point from Enfield, Connecticut by Stephen J. Paterwic
    • Document: A. J. MacDonald’s Visits to the Shakers

    Front cover illustration: Detail of Shirley, Massachusetts, from Henry Francis Walling, Map of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1856. Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division, G3763.M5 1856 .M3 Back cover illustration: The Phoenix Mill in 1883 from Seth Chandler, History of the Town of Shirley, Massachusetts. Communal Societies Collection, Hamilton College

    • From the Editor
    • Priests and Martyrs: The Second Engraved Title Page of Ephrata’s Martyrs Mirror by Jeff Bach
    • Document: Ein kleiner Abriss von denen Irr- und Abwegen, derer von Gott gerufenen Seelen by Ezechiel Sangmeister
    • “Eat, and drink, and be merry”: A Clash Over the Opening of a Benedictine Brewery in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America by Philip Chivily
    • The Unfortunate Shaker Cemetery at Watervliet, Ohio  by Richard Spence

    Front cover illustration: The second engraved title page of the Martyr’s Mirror. Courtesy of the Muddy Creek Farm Library. Back cover illustration: Detail from the second engraved title page of the Martyr’s Mirror. Courtesy of the Muddy Creek Farm Library.

    • From the Editor
    • Brother Philemon Stewart as Church Family Physician: Re-imagining a Portion of His “toiling, stormy, industrious, valuable life” by Kerry Hackett
    • First in the West: The Shaker Experience of Visionary Malcham Worley and His Family by Christian Goodwillie
    • Motive, Means, and Opportunity: Ayer Shutterbugs Shoot the Shakers by Ned Quist
    • The Changing Face of Shaker Life: How Pictorial Images in the Popular Press Reflect the Growing Acceptance of the Shakers in Nineteenth-Century America by Robert P. Emlen

    Front cover illustration: Charles Kennison, photographer. Rural Home, 1896. Courtesy of the Ayer Library.
    Back cover illustration: “Main House at Shaker Village, KY,” in Collins’ Historical Sketches, 1847.

    • From the Editor
    • An Uncharted Union: The Shakers and the Amana Inspirationists by Peter Hoehnle Shaker Correspondence with the Amana Society: Charles Julius Preter and Ezra T. Stewart
    • Mother Elinor and the God House by Julienna Frost

    Front cover illustration: Ann O’Delia Diss Debar, who used various aliases during her life of crime, including “Mother Elinor.” Back cover illustration: Middle Eben-Ezer, one of the four communal villages established by the Inspirationists in New York State, as it appeared around the time of their first contact with the Shakers. Hand colored lithograph by Joseph Prestele, Sr. (Amana Heritage Society)

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