American Communal Societies Quarterly, Volume 13, no. 1

Tags American Communal Societies Quarterly
  • From the Editor
  • Utopia, Ohio, 1844-1847: Seedbed for Three Experiments in Communal Living by Cori L. Flatt and Peter A. Hoehnle
  • From Württemberg to Zoar: Origins of a Separatist Community by Eberhard Fritz
  • Document: Questioning of the Separatists of Rottenacker after the Quartering of a Military Command, May 1804
  • Document: Visitor's Account of the Shaker Community at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, by Clara von Gerstner

Front cover illustration: A Separatist star, the only one known to exist in Württemberg. It is attached to a document in the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart. Courtesy of the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 213 Bü 3091 Back cover illustration: Clermont Phalanx, as painted by A.J. MacDonald. Courtesy of the Beinecke Library, Yale University, GEN MSS 1394.

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