American Communal Societies Quarterly, Volume 14, no. 1

Tags American Communal Societies Quarterly
  • From the Editor
  • The Shaker Meetinghouse: 230 Years of Worship, Tourism, and Preservation by Christian Goodwillie
  • The White Water, Ohio, Shaker Community: A Newly Discovered 1877 Visitor's Account by Thomas Sakmyster
  • The Shakers. A Day with the Communists of the Whitewater Valley. Westliche Blatter (May 22, 1877)
  • A Photograph of the 1908 Print Shop at the Israelite House of David by Brian Ziebart
  • Portraits: Sister Mary Purnell and Brother Benjamin Purnell

Front cover illustration: Brother Hiram Baker and his bicycle in the meeting room of the 1793 meetinghouse at Enfield, New Hampshire. Salt print by Lewis Johnson, August 1902. Courtesy of Robert P. Emlen. Back cover illustration: Print Shop, Israelite House of David, prior to the 1908 fire that destroyed the building. Courtesy of the Israelite House of David.

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