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Sean Bennett

Hamilton’s aspirations to offer an inclusive academic experience trace back to our founding in 1793 as the Hamilton-Oneida Academy, created to educate children of the Oneida Nation alongside those of the settlers relocating to the region after the American Revolution. After it was chartered as Hamilton College in 1812, our community on the Hill welcomed its first Chinese student and celebrated its first African American graduate before the century’s end. A men’s college from its beginning, Hamilton established a sister institution — Kirkland College — in 1968. The two merged a decade later, making Hamilton coeducational.

Records confirm that none of these transitions was easy. There were failures and moments of contention. However, College leaders persisted, and we are better today because of those eager to facilitate and embrace change.

This work is ongoing. Everyone at Hamilton has a role in creating a nurturing environment and ensuring our community is a welcoming and inclusive one where every voice matters and every person thrives.

Sean Bennett
Vice President, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Student Access & Support

Hamilton takes seriously its commitment to providing access and opportunity to all students. It is also our goal to ensure that all students have equal access to all that Hamilton offers throughout their four years, regardless of their financial background, including emergency and/or one-time exceptional needs.

Work With Us

Building a community where everyone feels included, valued, and respected will take consistent effort from each one of us. We must all listen. We must elevate underrepresented voices. We must speak up against inequity, systemic racism, and bigotry. Through the Speak Up initiative, we encourage you to share your ideas with us.

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Political activist Angela Davis signs autographs after speaking in Wellin Hall at Hamilton College.

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Koboul E. Mansour

Four Questions for Koboul E. Mansour, Days-Massolo Center Director

Communications Office writer Evan Robinson ’23 recently spoke with Koboul E. Mansour, the new director of the Days-Massolo Center, about her career and vision for the future. Below are some excerpts from their conversation.

Hamilton College Chapel

Hamilton Joins Network for First-Generation Student Success

Hamilton College has been selected to join a prestigious network of colleges and universities that have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing experiences and advancing outcomes for first-generation college students.

The $400 million campaign marked the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the College's history.

More About the Campaign's Success

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