All writers benefit from sharing their work with readers, who can provide feedback on its strengths and weaknesses and help you revise.

You can work with a tutor at any point in the writing process, from brainstorming potential arguments to polishing a final draft. Our tutors come from majors across the curriculum, and we can help with writing in any class. 

Your tutor will examine the structural features of your draft: thesis, organization, and argument development. They will also identify issues in grammar, mechanics, and style and work with you to revise them. You are an active partner in this discussion; at no time will the tutor assume authorship of your writing.

Scheduling Appointments

Schedule via TracCloud. To allow time to revise, you should have a conference at least two days before the paper is due.

Submitting Your Draft

After you schedule, you'll receive a confirmation email from wcpapers@hamilton.edu. Follow the directions to submit your work before your conference. 

During Your Conference

Come prepared to participate actively. Your tutor will not make corrections on your paper or tell you what to say; rather, they'll ask you questions and discuss your work with you so that you can develop writing on your own. As the author, you decide whether to accept or reject the advice you receive. We maintain records of conferences and communicate with faculty about your work here. 

Our expectations for writers who use our Center. 

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