Before You Leave

Begin planning your travel as soon as you submit your application for study abroad. Your program will provide resources to help you with preparations, but you can also consult Hamilton’s resources to get a jump on your travel planning.

Attend Mandatory Orientation

All students studying abroad are required to attend the Hamilton pre-departure orientation, which is offered twice a semester. In addition, some program providers may have on-campus pre-departure orientations as well.  Your leave of absence is not approved until you attend a pre-departure session. 

Get to Know Your Host Country

One of the most important things you can do to prepare is to learn as much as you can about your prospective host country. If you’ve studied its language, literature or history, you have a great start. If you have not studied the country, begin now by taking a course, if possible. And read more than travel guides. Read histories of the country, biographies of its prominent citizens and some of its classics or contemporary literature. Search online for English-language news sources about the country, and watch some of its most influential or recent films. Find a cookbook and try cooking the national dish! Anything you can do to familiarize yourself with the country you’re about to become a part of will enhance your study-abroad experience.

Pre-departure Resources

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