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Post-Baccalaureate Fellowships, Scholarships and Internships

What is a fellowship?

A fellowship (sometimes called a scholarship when academically-related or Post-BA internship when career-related) is a short-term post-graduate experience that enables recent graduates to explore an academic, professional, or personal interest.

What types of fellowships exist?

Post-Baccalaureate Fellowships/Internships are related to specific professional or career interests. They are typically:

  • 3 months - 2 years in duration
  • paid
  • related to a specific career field
  • located in the U.S.

Nationally competitive graduate fellowships and scholarships are typically:

  • very selective
  • paid
  • application-intensive
  • an opportunity to study, conduct research, or pursue an independent project
  • abroad

How do I apply?

Students apply for Post-BA Fellowships/Internships directly. These are posted online at HamNET

Nationally competitive graduate fellowships and scholarships typically require formal endorsement from Hamilton and are coordinated by Virginia Dosch through Hamilton's Office of Fellowships and Scholarships.