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Adding a New Device to DUO

The following information is to help users who've received a new device but retained the same phone number that they used to register with DUO.

  1. When you are signed in to the myHamilton Portal and prompted by Duo to authenticate, click Settings
    Note: Do not authenticate yet. Click Settings to get started with adding a new device
  1. Click Add a new device
  1. Choose how you want DUO to contact you. If you are adding a new device that uses the same phone number, select Call Me.
  1. Choose your device type and select Continue.
  1. Enter the phone number of the device you wish to add, verify the phone number you have entered is correct by clicking the checkbox, then click Continue.
  1. Select your device type from the list of options
  1. Download and install the DUO app on your device, then click I Have Duo Mobile
  1. Once the barcode appears on the computer screen, launch the DUO Mobile app. From the Duo app, tap the + button on the top right-hand corner of the screen and scan the barcode on the computer screen.
  1. Once Duo has finished linking your phone, you will see a green checkmark on your computer screen. Once the green checkmark appears, scroll down and click Continue .
  1. Your newly added device should now appear under My Settings & Devices. Click Save to retain your changes. If the option says Saved, you can safely proceed to choose the option to go Back to Login.
  1. You should now be all set to use the new device as your DUO authenticator.

Last updated: October 4, 2021


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