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BIWS Project Intake and Management Process

Last updated: February 3, 2022

  1. Complete the EIS Request Form. The BIWS team conducts a bi-weekly project planning meeting in which your request will be discussed.
  2. If needed, the BIWS team will schedule a discussion with project stakeholders where the project’s scope, outcomes, expectations, deliverables, and timeline will be clearly established.
  3. If an approved Data Cookbook specification doesn’t already exist, it will become a prerequisite for any project. The BIWS team can work with you to develop specifications.
  4. Once project specifications are completed and approved by the Data Steward(s) and at the Tech Build steps, project development will begin.
  5. When project development is complete, stakeholders will be contacted to test and provide timely feedback.
  6. When feedback is complete, the product owner will approve for launch and the solution will be moved into production.





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