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The following instructions will walk you thorough the process of updating your known Hamilton College password using the Password Manager. The Help Desk highly recommends that you change your passwords while on campus.

If you do not know your password or if your password has expired, please proceed to the following page: Changing a forgotten or expired password.


  1. Go to the Hamilton Password Manager at https://password.hamilton.edu
  2. Click on the option  " Change Known Password".
                                                      Change Known Password
  3. Enter your Hamilton username and click Continue.
  4. Enter your current password in the Password field and click on Continue.
  5. Select a new password that fits all the requirements as indicated by the Password Rules. The password requirements are based on Hamilton College's password policy found here: Password Policy . The requirements will turn green as they're met.
  6. Once you have entered and confirmed a new password, click on Change Password button.

  7. Click Finish on the next page to complete the process.

Important Notice for Faculty and Staff

If you are On Campus:

  • College issued computers will not update your login password to match the new password unless they're on campus when the password was changed.
  • If you are changing your password from a your college issued computer while on campus, please reboot your computer and login with the new password to ensure that your login password is updated as well. 
  • Update your password on your mobile devices.

If you are Off-Campus:

  • If you were off-campus when the password was changed, you will need to either remember your old login password or update the login password through a VPN connection or by bringing the computer to the campus.

Once you have changed your password successfully, head back to the main page for instructions on how to update your password in Thunderbird, wi-fi and other places:
Hamilton Password Manager

Please contact the Help Desk at 315-859-4181 with any questions or concerns.

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