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Parent Information Access Issue Troubleshooting

Please ask the parent to troubleshoot as follows:

  1. My Hamilton Parent Home - Information ResourcesAsk the parent to log in to and see if the box on the right appears containing a link to the student, e.g.:

    • If the parent can't log in, it's a forgotten password issue or they haven't created an account yet. Confirm that they've created an account.
    • If the student doesn't display, the student hasn't made the connection to the parent.
    • Parent Access - Information Resources ListIf they click the student's name and no links appear, the student hasn't granted them access to any of the systems.

    • Ask whether they can see the links to the information resources, e.g., Financial Aid Award Letter, and Financial Aid Checklist. If not, the student hasn't granted them access to these systems.

      Students can add parents/guardians and grant them access by following the instructions located at:
    • If they click the links and see an error message, please send us the parent's username (typically an email address) and the exact error message and we will troubleshoot.

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Last updated: January 31, 2019


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