Burke Library Room Reservation Policy

Last updated: July 7, 2016


This policy describes how to reserve a room in the Burke Library.


This policy applies to all users of the Burke Library.

Policy Revision History

Last revised, December 2014.


The library offers several spaces that may be reserved for art displays, receptions, concerts, conferences, workshops and other such events:

LIB STEPS Burke Library Steps
LIB BROWSE Burke Commons
LIB READ All Night Reading Room
LIB IC Information Commons
LIB COUPER CLASSRM          Couper Classroom
LIB 2ND FLOOR 2nd Floor Landing
LIB RARE BOOK Rare Book Room

All events must be coordinated with library personnel to ensure proper supervision of the building while an event takes place. The library reserves the right to decline any reservation request that has not been coordinated through the proper channels or for which Library supervision of the building is not possible.

Please note that reservations for the Couper Classroom and Information Commons must be coordinated with a research librarian. Reservations for the Rare Book Room must be coordinated with Christian Goodwillie, Director of Special Collections. All other events should be coordinated with Kristin Strohmeyer, Research and Outreach Librarian.

To reserve one of the the second floor classrooms for a study group during evenings and weekends, consult the study room reservations page.

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