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Before installing the printer, please make sure that you install the necessary HP Printer drivers ( can be installed from Self Service). 
If you are trying to install a printer on a personally owned Mac, you will need to install the following before proceeding to add the printer manually:

  1. PaperCut Client - navigate to smb://printx/pcclient/mac and run client-local-install.app. (You may be prompted for credentials, enter your Hamilton username and password for directory access). Once installed, launch the PCClient application from your applications folder and sign in with your Hamilton credentials.
  2. HP printer drivers found here: https://support.apple.com/kb/dl1888?locale=en_US

Installing the Printer

  1. On your Mac, click on the Apple Menu and open System Preferences.


  1. In System Preferences click on Print & Fax.

  1. In the Printing tab, click on the little plus sign (+) in the left of the window. If the little plus sign is grayed out, click the lock icon below to authenticate and login to the system.
  2. The Add Printer window will open. Right-click (or control + click) next to one of the icons on the toolbar. This will bring up a window with a list of available icons you can add to your toolbar. Drag the Advanced button on to the toolbar and click Done.

  1. Select the Advanced icon you just dragged to the toolbar and configure the following:
  • Type: Windows
  • Device: Another device
  • URL: smb://printx/printername  (printername = Enter the appropriate name of the printer)
  • Name: Use same name as entered above for printername.

  • Print Using: In the drop-down menu choose Select Printer Software and select the appropriate model (e.g. LaserJet 4350). Click OK and then click Add.

  1. You will now be prompted to select the Installable Options for the printer. Configure the options that are available on the printer and click Continue. In the example to the right, the printer was equipped with a Duplex Unit. Your printer may not have the same options and you should adjust the settings accordingly.

  1. The printer will be added and appear in your list of printers. It will also be set as the default printer. If you would like another printer to be the default printer, select its name in the drop-down list next to Default Printer in Print Dialog. If you are finished configuring printers, close the Print & Fax window.

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