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Printing at Hamilton College

Printing to on-campus printers from your own personal computer

Windows Instructions

Can be done in one of two ways:

  1. "Lite" printing through the Web – webprint.hamilton.edu. Use this to print Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF documents. See Web Print Using PaperCut for details.
  2. Install a printer and the PaperCut client on your computer and print from any application on your computer. These instructions follow.

Macintosh Instructions

"Lite" printing through the Web – webprint.hamilton.edu. Use this to print Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF documents. See Web Print Using PaperCut for details.

Printing to on-campus printers from an on-campus computer

Hamilton College has printers placed all across campus for your printing needs. Many of these printers are in labs, but some are in open areas available 24/7.

Printer Name Location
Bristol-Students-A Bristol Lower Level, Near Vending Machines
Burke-1stFloor-PC Near the central stairwell
Burke-1stFloor-Mac Near the public mac section
Burke-1stFloor-24HR All-Night-Reading-Room
Burke-2ndFloor-A Second Floor of the Library
CJ-Students-A CJ 1st Floor - Back of Building
CJ-301-A CJ 301 - Language Center
QSR-A CJ 303
DAL-A KTSA 143-144 - Digital Art Lab
KJ-103-A KJ 103 - ITS Public Lab/Classroom
KJ-202-A ITS Public Lab/Classroom
KJ-204-A KJ 204- ITS Public Lab
KJ-229-A KJ 229 - ITS Public Lab
KJ-Writing-Center Writing Center - KJ 152
Levitt-Center-A Levitt Center - KJ 251
List-220-A List 220 - Digital Art Lab
Sadove-A Sadove Student Center 2nd Floor
SCCT-Students-A Science Center 1st Floor
Science-Center-3039-A SCCT 3039 - ITS Public Lab/Classroom

All of these locations have computers nearby to work with. All on-campus printers use PaperCut to keep track of your printing. Details are below.

PaperCut Account Management

PaperCut is a quota-based print management system designed to monitor and control campus network printing resources; this allows Hamilton to reduce printing costs and environmental impact. For more information click the following link: PaperCut Account Management.

Last updated: August 20, 2021

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