Last updated: June 14, 2023

Wondering how to use maps in your classes? Here are a number of examples of student and class projects using a variety of mapping tools, most of them on the easy end of the mapping spectrum.

  1. Students at Colby College have created the Atlas of Maine as part of their introductory GIS course.
  2. Students at Trinity College have contributed to the On The Line project, a public history web-book which studies “How Schooling, Housing, and Civil Rights Shaped Hartford and its Suburbs.”
  3. Amherst College has started Cityscapes, an online discovery tool for urban and cultural studies.
  4. The Spatial Analysis Lab at Smith College  facilitates a student inquiry for incoming freshman, using Google Earth  to help students interpret the environment of Northampton, past and present. Check out the Portfolio of projects and apps.
  5. RJI Collaborative Mapping Portal -  the Rural Justice Institute at Alfred University is developing the Collaborative Mapping Portal to encourage agencies in surrounding communities to "think spatially."
  6. The goal of the Mrs. Dalloway Mapping Project from Georgia Tech is essentially to clarify the occasionally confusing novel Mrs. Dalloway as well as to point out some interesting aspects of the work that are not usually considered in its discussion.


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