Last updated: November 14, 2023

The instructions on this page will guide you through installing the VPN client on your Macintosh computer. 

If you have enrolled in DUO, please visit the following link : Using VPN with Duo

NOTE: The VPN client cannot be installed on a computer connected to the Hamilton network, either via Wi-Fi or a network jack.  These instructions should only be followed on an OFF-CAMPUS computer.

Installation Instructions

  1. To begin your installation, open a web browser, e.g. Firefox or Chrome.
  2. In the location box, type https://outside.hamilton.edu.
  3. In the login dialog box:
    1. Select the appropriate group option: Select Hamilton Duo.
    2. Enter your Hamilton username (e.g. jdoe, do not include @hamilton.edu).

    3. Respond to the DUO prompt.
  4. Click Login.
  5. In the Network Access Warning window, click Continue.
  6. Click Download for MacOS. The Cisco Secure Client installer download will begin.
  7. Double-click the installer to run it. 
  8. If you receive a "System Extension Blocked" dialog, click Open System Settings. The Privacy & Security preference pane will open. 
  9. In the section that states the Cisco Secure Client socket filter has  been prevented from loading, click Allow. Enter your Mac's password to confirm. 
  10. When prompted to allow the socket filter to filter network content, click Allow.

Connecting and Disconnecting

  1. To start a VPN connection, look for the Cisco Secure client in Finder/Spotlight and launch it (we recommend adding it to your dock, or adding a shortcut icon on the desktop, for ease of access)
  2. The Cisco Secure Client will open. Enter outside.hamilton.edu in the Secure client and click Connect.
    1. Verify that under Ready to connect that outside.hamilton.edu is populated.
    2. Then click the Connect button.
  3. Enter your Hamilton username.
  4. Respond to the DUO prompt.

  5. A dialog window with a warning against unauthorized use will pop-up. Click Accept on this window.
  6. At this point, you will be connected to all of your normal Hamilton College network resources via VPN. You can confirm this by hovering over the VPN icon in your taskbar notifications area, and viewing the message indicating that the VPN client is connected.
  7. If you wish to start a Remote Desktop connection to your office computer, you can safely start that session now.
  8. If you wish to connect to Hamilton College network network drives, including personal and department ESS folders:
    • Click on the Go menu in the desktop menu bar,
    • Click Connect to Server….
    • Enter the server address smb://ess and click Connect.
    • In the login dialog that appears, enter your Hamilton network ID and password, then click Connect.
    • Select users from the volumes list, and click OK.
    • A connection to the ESS users volume will be started, but it may take a while for the folders to download.
    • Once the folder list is available, you can navigate to your personal folder, and use it just as though you were on campus.
  9. Remember to disconnect your VPN session when you are finished. To do so, just click on the VPN icon in the tray, then click Disconnect.

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