What's New in Blackboard

In addition to bug fixes and security updates, there are new features which we hope you will find exciting and useful.

Drag-and-drop files

You can now drag-and-drop files from your local computer to the “hotspot” area (indicated in dotted lines) in most areas where you see the “Browse to My Computer” button. Just select your file and drag it over; the color of the hotspot changes when the file moves over it and you will see the file listed below the box after it has uploaded.

Assignment Submission Receipts

Students now receive a confirmation email when they have successfully submitted an assignment. Instructors can review these receipts in the Grade Center — Reports — Submission Receipts page to confirm that students uploaded their submissions on time.

New mobile-responsive theme

This is probably the most immediately-noticeable change. The new interface is not only streamlined but also can be used on any device, from desktop to mobile phone. One important note is that clickable links may look just like other text, but try clicking on the text (or tapping on your phone) and that should load the next page or select the option.

New mobile apps

You may no longer need separate Blackboard apps for your phone (because the new theme works so well on smaller devices), but if you do, there are now new apps in the Apple and Google Play stores, called Blackboard (for students) and Blackboard Instructor.

Fewer Needs Grading Items

When you allow multiple attempts on an Assignment or Test, you may not need to grade all of them. With this upgrade, the Needs Grading page will automatically be filtered to only display the attempts that need grading. When you set up the assessment, you can specify whether the grade is based on the first attempt or the last attempt, and now the Needs Grading page will only display one attempt per student based on that choice.

Self and Peer Assessments for Groups

Students who do not submit an assignment for peer review will not be included in the list of evaluators. By using Adaptive Release for groups, you can assign peer review submission to members of a group only.


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Last updated: March 23, 2018

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