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BIO 100F (Explorations in Biology: Genetic Engineering) is a thematic course exploring five fundamental features of all biological systems, including organization, information flow, energy and matter, interactions and evolution. Students in BIO 248 (Genes and Genomes) study the structure and function of genetic material using classical, molecular and genomic analyses. There is a focus on the consideration of the social, medical and agricultural applications of genetic technologies.

Natalie Nannas, Assistant Professor of Biology, used 3D printing to design and create a 5-foot-long flexible DNA model to demonstrate complex course topics related to DNA, RNA and CRISPR. The model was used in multiple courses including Biology (BIO 100).

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Deliverables Large-scale, flexible DNA model
Skill Areas 3D scanning, modeling, and printing
Tools HP Workstation (PC)
Ultimaker 2
Resources Tinkercad
LITS Support Doug Higgins


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