Off-Campus Study Application FAQ

Most programs, including all Hamilton College programs, have application materials on their websites.

Whenever it fits best into your academic plans. Go for a year if you can.

Each program specifies its own deadlines. Most programs use rolling admissions, so it is to your advantage to apply earlier. In the past year, we have noticed that some programs actually fill early. You should apply several months before the deadline if you have made your decision about where to go.

This is not necessary, but you're welcome to contact the office with questions or concerns.

Bring forms for “home school approval” or “study abroad advisor approval” to the Office of Off-Campus Study located in Christian Johnson 105.  Most approval forms are completed online and should be directed to the assistant director of off-campus study.

Some applications require several passport-sized photos. These can be taken at the U.S. Post Office on College Street, or at CVS Pharmacy, 39 Meadow Street in Clinton.

If you are going on a program that requires previous language study, ask a professor who has recent knowledge of your proficiency. Asking a professor in your concentration is helpful for the majority of programs, especially for UK schools since a department is reviewing your application as well as the University. Finally, ask a professor who knows you well personally.

Use the Registrar's transcript request procedures to have a transcript sent directly to your study abroad program. Only you can request a transcript. The Off-Campus Study Office cannot request or send a transcript for you.  You can find information about requesting a transcript on the Registrar's website: https://www.hamilton.edu/offices/registrar/transcript-request.

In most cases, you'll want to submit materials for your application as you complete them or receive them. You do not need to wait to have all your materials ready.  Letters of recommendation and transcripts are sent by others on your behalf.  You'll want to check in with the people writing your letters of recommendation and the Registrar's Office to make sure their items arrive by the application deadline.  

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