Hamilton College students studying abroad are held to the same code of conduct as if they were on the Hamilton College campus. By their attendance at Hamilton College and an approved study abroad program, students are obligated to comply with its regulations and procedures, which they are expected to read and understand.

Hamilton College regulations and practices are designed to promote the educational mission of the College and to encourage respect for the rights of others. Every student enrolled at Hamilton College has certain obligations and responsibilities as a member of the Hamilton College community whether on campus or abroad. More information about the student code of conduct can in the Student Handbook.

Behavior that violates College standards of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action through the appropriate judicial process. If it is determined that a group is responsible for a violation, either by direct involvement or by condoning, encouraging or covering up the violation, appropriate action will be taken with respect to the group as well as to the individuals involved.

Honor Code Statement

All students sign the honor code pledge at the time they formally accept admission to the College. Hamilton students abroad will be held to the Hamilton College Honor Code.

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