Why should I use CASHNET?

  • Fast, secure, convenient online payment with your U.S. checking or savings account.
  • Keep your statements online for 12 months following enrollment for your reference.
  • Conserve the use of paper. Paper bills will no longer be mailed to your billing address.
  • Convenient email reminders when your bill becomes available.
  • Receive email confirmation of each payment you make.
  • International students can use CASHNet to view bills online without submitting payment by choosing “View Bill Only” option during sign up.

Note: Please allow two business days for payment processing. Payments must be received on the student’s account by the billing due date to avoid late fees.

How does CASHNet work?

  • Students must grant access to parents or other payers. The student can send out an invite, or the parent can request one.
  • Each user will be able to access the CASHNet account using their own user names and passwords.
  • Banking information is separate and secure.

Note: Students who sign up for CASHNet should notify those who might be responsible for payment of their bills. Paper statements will no longer be mailed. Hamilton will not be responsible for late fees incurred due to non-payment. If other payers are responsible for payment of the bill and they do not wish to use the CASHNet service, deactivate your account immediately.

This service is not available for loan or collection accounts.

Returned Payments - CASHNET Service

Please see our “Returned Payment Policy” section for more information.

One-Time Payment

If students and/or authorized users do not wish to sign up for the CASHNet billing and payment service but would still like to make a payment electronically, this may be done by using U.S. checking or saving account. After payment has been made, a confirmation on the screen as well as an email confirmation upon completion of the transaction will be sent.


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