Frequently Asked Questions about CASHNet

CASHNet is a service that enables students and authorized users to receive and pay Hamilton College tuition statements electronically. There is no additional cost associated with utilizing the CASHNet service to pay your student bill.

Once registered for the service, you are notified by email each time a new statement becomes available. This system provides a convenience of web-based electronic payment system. Past statements are available online.

Students can access CASHNet from the My Hamilton portal, using their Hamilton username and password. Students can access the service first and then grant access to to other payers. Before the service can be fully activated, at least one payer (student or other payer) must sign up with an approved payment account (U.S. financial institutions only).

The Hamilton Student ID card is the official Hamilton College identification card for members of the college community. The number on the Hamilton student ID is unique and consists of seven digits.

New students will be issued a Hamilton Student ID card during the week of orientation.

Students access the system, and can then add parents/others by clicking on the Add New link under Parent PINs.

Only payment accounts with a U.S. financial institution can be used. The bank's routing number is automatically verified via Federal reserve databases. However, the account number is validated at the time the transaction reaches your bank. For all payments returned because of inaccurate information of insufficient funds, a return fee of $25.00 will be assessed.

If you want to add multiple payment accounts, simply click the Add New button under Saved Accounts on the CASHNet main screen.

Once bank account information is entered, it cannot revise that information; this must be deleted and add new information as a new payment account.

International students who do not have a checking or savings account with a U.S. financial institution may enroll in CASHNet and receive their billing statements electronically, but they cannot register to make payments electronically. Simply select View Bills Only at step 5 (Select Payment Option) on the CASHNet enrollment screens.

  • Once enrolled, the following will occur:
  • Able to view current statement immediately.
  • An email will be generated each time a new statement is available, usually once per month.

Your current monthly statement will be available immediately after you sign up with CASHNet. Thereafter, you are notified by email as new statements are generated each month. Please refer to the billing schedule for future bill and payment dates.

Yes. The electronic version of the bill will contain the same information that would appear on a paper statement.

For questions about individual transactions on the bill, contact the appropriate originating department displayed under Important Billing Information. A full list of department contact information is available.

Online payments using CASHNet are quick and convenient. Simply click on the payment option, verify account, amount, and scheduling information on the screen, then submit the payment. An online confirmation that your payment has been submitted will be sent and will be given a tracking number to monitor the progress and status of your payment.

Submit payments a few days early! Once a payment is submitted, it takes a few days to be posted to the student billing account, so keep this in mind when submitting or scheduling payments, so as not to incur any late payment penalties.

Don't wait until the due date — it may be too late!

Any user with a valid payment account can submit payments using that account. No other users can either view or use another user's payment account. Even though your payment account information will remain in our database, payments will only occur when actively submitted online.

If payments are returned to Hamilton College for insufficient funds, the student account will be charged a fee of $25.00. A late registration fee will be assessed if payment was used for registration.

If you have a credit balance, the Amount Due on the statements summary will reflect the credit balance.

International students who do not have a checking or savings account with a U.S. financial institution may enroll with CASHNet and receive their billing statements electronically, but they may not register to make payments electronically. For additional methods of payment, check out our Payment Options.

An email from CASHNet will be sent notifying the student/authorized user of the reason the payment was returned or rejected. Please check account information to be sure it is correct. All payments returned because of inaccurate information or insufficient funds, will be assessed a return fee of $25.00.

Payments will not be viewable immediately on the current billing statement. The payment will be recorded on the next billing statement, which will include updated information. This includes any payments mailed or brought into the office. Once the payment on the bill has been made, the status of the bill on the statement summary page will show if payment has been made. View payments by clicking on Payment History.

What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to contact student accounts via email at stuaccts@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4324 with any additional questions.


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