Wedding in Chapel
The space available for weddings is the chapel, which seats 200 people.

Please note, the Chapel will be unavailable for Summer 2021 due to repair and preservation of the building.


  • All wedding parties will be charged a fee for use of the Chapel to cover staffing and basic cleaning of the Chapel before and after each wedding. Fees vary according to association to the College. 
  • A ramp is provided on the north side of the Chapel for handicap access.
  • There is one bathroom on the first floor. The third floor has two bathrooms but is not handicap accessible. Third floor may be used as a waiting area for the bridal party but should not be considered as a dressing area for the bridal party. This space is not for exclusive use and hosts several faculty offices.
  • The Chapel is equipped with a complete sound system. If you intend to use microphones, or recorded music you must make arrangements in advance.
  •  The Chapel owns six candelabras that are available for use: Two that hold one candle, two that hold three, and two that hold five candles. Flame candles can only be used on the altar. We recommend battery operated candles for any other use. Candle stands are not permitted in the Chapel unless they are used with battery candles. Electric candles with extension cords are prohibited. 
  •  The Chapel contains a limited number of black padded chairs that you have the option of using for the wedding attendants or musicians. If additional chairs are needed, please notify us at least one month prior to wedding date. Request for additional chairs may incur a delivery fee and a rental fee.
  • The chapel contains 32 pews, (16 on either side) and 10 windows (5 on either side) which can hold flower vases, battery operated candle stands and other forms of acceptable decorations.
  • The Chapel contains two music stands for musicians. Chamber groups should be encouraged to provide their own music stands.
  • The Chapel has two oscillating fans for cooling; the chapel is not an air conditioned space. Windows will be open for the ceremony. Please keep this in mind when planning any décor for the window sills that could be easily toppled by a breeze. Only battery operated candles are permitted in windowsills.
  • Hamilton College is not responsible for providing wheelchairs, hearing assisted devices, video or digital presentation equipment or any other items not mentioned above.
  • Hamilton College does not provide kneelers. You may rent kneelers on your own and have them brought in. Please notify our office of your plans.
  • Runners are not allowed for use in the Chapel.
  • Hamilton College does not provide pedestals for floral arrangements. Please make sure your florist is aware of this.
  • Birdseed may be thrown outside only. No confetti or rice. Petals are okay for interior (i.e. flower girls).
  • Alcohol is not permitted in Chapel other than communion services.


Dannelle Parker

Associate Director of Conferences & Summer Programs

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