You have one and one-half hours for the ceremony as well as your photo session. So please discuss your schedule for photography with your photographer prior to your wedding day. Photographs may be taken, at no cost, in the Chapel and Bristol Center lawns. This service is provided only to those people having weddings on campus.

Photos in Root Glen are available at no extra charge to couples having weddings in the Chapel. Residents of Oneida County can arrange for Glen photos for a fee. Only the wedding party and the photographer are permitted in the Root Glen. You need to reserve this space for wedding photos with the Associate  Director, Conferences & Summer Programs at 315-859-4372. Security will be notified of parties authorized to use the Glen for this purpose. The Root Glen and gardens are not available for wedding ceremonies.

Please contact 315-859-4372 to request a Root Glen reservation sheet.


Dannelle Parker

Associate Director of Conferences & Summer Programs

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