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Blackboard Login and Enrollments

Hamilton-Specific Issues

How do I access my courses?

Using any web browser, go to the “My Hamilton” portal and log in as usual. Your courses will be listed in the My Blackboard Courses channel of the Courses tab (second row of menu items) under “Current Courses.” Previous (or future) courses are listed under the semester-year sub-menus; just click on them to expand. Courses labeled “inactive” are still accessible to instructors.

If you have any trouble logging in to My Hamilton you can go directly to Blackboard at https://blackboard.hamilton.edu (there is usually a direct link to this page in the browser toolbar favorites). Use your Hamilton network username and password to log in. For example, if your email address is jsmith@hamilton.edu, you would log in using the username jsmith and your current password. Your courses will be listed in the “My Courses” module of the “My Blackboard” home page.

Why does the courses list on My Blackboard not look like the one on My Hamilton?

My Hamilton is our locally-sourced portal, and, by default, the course list on the Courses tab is organized by semester (non-current courses can be accessed by clicking the sub-header to expand it). In Blackboard, you need to actively choose this feature; fortunately, it’s easy and you only need to set it up once. The My Blackboard page can be configured in several different ways to list only the courses you want in the order you wish.

To set up the semester organization in the “My Courses” module, hover your mouse over the upper-right corner of the module until a small gear appears. Click that gear, and in the Terms area on the next page, check the box for “Group by Terms.” You can move the terms up or down and thus change the order in which they appear (you could also use the keyboard-accessible reordering tool which is the up-down arrow at the top of the far-left column, just click that). You can also uncheck terms if you no longer wish to see them or uncheck the “Expand” option so that they are not expanded by default. 

What if I can’t log in to Blackboard?

There can be several different reasons. First, you must use your Hamilton network account name and password, even if you do not use Hamilton e-mail. If you want mail sent from Blackboard to go to another e-mail account, you must set up forwarding in the Hamilton web mail interface. Contact the Help Desk (x4181) for help in doing this. If you are a new faculty member or employee, you must have a Hamilton email and Colleague ID in order to log into Blackboard. If you do not have or are not sure if you have these, please contact Human Resources for a Colleague ID and the Help Desk (x4181) for an email account.

I've forgotten my password. How can I get a new one?

For Hamilton users, you should use your network username and password. If you have forgotten your network password, please go to Forgotten Password Page to request it. For non-Hamilton users who are enrolled in courses at Hamilton, please email blackboard@hamilton.edu to have your password reset.

I added/dropped a course, but I don't see the change in my course list.

All enrollment information in Blackboard comes from the Registrar’s system. Only the Registrar’s Office can change your enrollment status. First, check your enrollment information in the Web Advisor system. If that information is incorrect, you must contact the Registrar’s Office to get it straightened out. Once your Web Advisor records are correct, it may take several hours for Blackboard to correct its records. (The update to Blackboard happens twice daily.)

I’m supposed to be teaching a course, but I don't see it in my course list.

This may happen if you are a new faculty member and the Registrar has not yet been notified which courses you are teaching. Please contact the Registrar’s Office (or have your department chair or secretary do so) and notify them of your teaching assignment. Once your Web Advisor records are correct, it may take several hours for Blackboard to correct its records. (The update to Blackboard happens twice daily).

How do I have a TA or grader added to my section?

Please see the instructions here for information.

Note: if another instructor is team-teaching your course, you should call the Registrar’s office and ask to have this instructor added as the secondary instructor for your course. This information will then transfer from the Registrar’s system to Blackboard.

When will the next semester’s courses appear in Blackboard?

Next semester’s course spaces are created approximately one week after the end of registration for that semester (early May for the fall, early December for the spring). You do not need to ask for a course space; course spaces are created automatically every semester, using the Registrar’s data. Students and faculty are automatically enrolled in or assigned to courses, again, based on the Registrar’s data. Courses are initially set to “unavailable” so that they may be accessed by faculty but not seen by students. Approximately two weeks before the start of the semester, courses will be reset to “available.”

How long do courses stay in Blackboard?

Students have access to courses from about two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to about three weeks after the end of the semester.

Faculty have access to courses in their My Courses list for 2-3 years. After that time, course spaces are archived, but can be restored if needed (email blackboard@hamilton.edu with your request, including semester/year and course number). Course archives are stored indefinitely. Regardless of the age of the course, most attached files (Word documents, Powerpoint, Excel files, PDFs) will restore without a problem.  Other parts of the course (discussion board, blogs, tests, pools) should restore without issue, although this is not guaranteed. Student assignment submission files may be removed due to storage space considerations, although grades will be retained.

What are the other course spaces in my list of courses?

In addition to regular course spaces, we also provide course spaces for departmental and advising use. The “advisee” spaces contain all the advisees for each faculty member, as recorded in Web Advisor.

The departmental spaces exist for all departments and concentrations. Faculty are automatically enrolled as instructors based on their departmental and program affiliations.. Students are enrolled in these spaces based on their declared concentration as recorded in WebAdvisor; if a student has a double major, then that student is enrolled in both spaces. Minors are enrolled in these spaces also.

All the students enrolled in the departmental/program spaces can be seen in either the Roster (Tools area) or Users list (Users and Groups sub-menu in the Control Panel area). In either area, pick the “Not Blank” option to see the complete list of students (and faculty in the Users area). One can send e-mail to everyone in the departmental space by using the “All Users” option on the Send Email page; to all students by selecting the “All Student Users” option; or to all faculty by selecting the “All Instructor Users” option.

It may be more useful, however, to contact students by class years (status). All the students are also enrolled in class-year groups, which can be seen on the Groups page (from the Users and Groups sub-menu). You will notice that there are groups here for every class year whose students can declare a major and also for minors, by class year. These groups are maintained and updated automatically as students declare or change their concentrations.

You can see who is in each class year group by clicking on the group name. Majors are in the “Concentration” groups and minors are in the “Minor” groups. To email the students in any single group, click the menu button next to any group name and select the “Email” option. On the following page, click the “Select All” button and then click the right-pointing arrow to move the selected students to the “Selected” box.

You also might want to send an email to all majors and minors of a given year. Go to the “Send Email” function (from the Tools page) and pick the “Select Groups” option. Pick the groups ending in the same year and you will be sending e-mail to every student in the selected groups.

Of course, all users have access to all the other tools in a Blackboard course space, such as posting documents, discussion boards, blogs, etc. These spaces are for departments and advisors to use as they see fit.

Last updated: March 23, 2018

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